At a time when the only bug that spread far and wide was travel.

One of many Turkish coffees consumed.

Naturally occurring oils extracted from aromatic plants have several benefits for the mind, body and soul. But will they help overcome serious health issues?

  1. Reading
  2. Running
  3. Dancing
  4. Swimming
  5. Eating
  6. Talking to my bestie
  7. Listening to music
  8. Singing along in the car
  9. Live closed room/open air concerts with small crowds
  10. Driving on empty lanes
  11. Making my parents laugh
  12. Morning chai with mum and dad
  13. Watching TV with loved ones
  14. Work I enjoy
  15. Roaming aimlessly along unknown city streets
  16. Spending all my money on trips with friends
  17. Road trips
  18. Connecting with a stranger
  19. Winter days and summer nights
  20. Drinking chocolat on the streets of Paris
  21. Going to the movies
  22. Going to sleep after a long day
  23. Having nothing to do after a busy week
  24. Being in love
  25. Large, quiet libraries/small quaint bookshops
Credits: Unsplash
ICEYE launches world’s first SAR-equipped microsatellite into orbit

Ann Maria

CS Neophyte, budding fiction writer, now a big fan of common sense and rational thinking after realising I didn’t have much of either to begin with.

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